Lumière douce

Lumière douce

L'endroit où mes rêves se réalisent

[ Photo Location ]
Tuck’s Misty Isle


[ Mesh Avatar ]
Body : Basic Body(Female)
Head : Head(f) – Babydoll(Deluxe)
Hands : Basic Hands
Feet : Deluxe Feet
Skin : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* A.T.W. SKINS _TheShops Body_ Nordic
Shape : My Own


[ Worn for Body ]
Dress : ALEGRIA Circe Dress Black (From : We love Roleplay! June-2015)
Collar : The Forge Feather Collar
Bracers : The Forge Plaid Bracer
Armour : The Forge Cadeyrn Lower Leg Armour
Leg Strap : The Forge Rogue Leg Strap, Black
Bow : EZ Eldar Bow -novo2.02
Shoes : kokoia :: Halle :: woman :: for TMP


[ Worn for Head ]
Headpiece : LaGyo_Romhilda headpiece – Black (From :We love Roleplay! June-2015)
Ear Wings : The Forge Valkyrie Ear – Gold (From :We love Roleplay! June-2015)
Hair Base : booN cornrows hairbase A mat
Hair : booN TGR684 hair mat
Eyes : IKON Sovereign Eyes – Brown


[ Poses ]
elephante poses
Survival #3
A Graceful Fall #5

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