“THE PROJECT BENTO” Testing!vol.1

petite-coquine– Click the image to see full size on Flickr!! –tombe-du-ciel

I recently started Project Bento Testing!

BENTO leads Mesh Avatar’s personality to further evolution.
The reason for expressing more detailed motion is because the number of moving parts
of the mesh avatar called “bone” has increased.

I decided to test with a human mesh avatar at the beginning.

sells an editable shape original mesh head.
Vista sells original mesh hand and animation.

The mesh body uses “Maitera Lara” which has high versatility of the skin.

Skin and tattoo also correspond to Omega systems.
It can be attached to various mesh bodies.

Currently Second Life Official Viewer and Firestorm Viewer are compatible with BENTO.

Second Life Official Viewer for BENTO(SL Wiki Page)

※If you want to download Firestorm Viewer,
you need to join a dedicated group in SecondLife.

These photographs are taken using the
“Firestorm-alphax64(Firestorm 4.7.10 (51630) for BENTO” viewer.

[ Photo Location ]

Woodbury Falls


[ Mesh Avatar ]

◼︎Mesh Head : CATWA – HEAD – Amy
(included : Makeup&Animation HUD)

◼︎Skin for CATWA Mesh Head :
DeeTaleZ  – Appliers CATWA Head “Face Samantha 2” – Celtic
(From : Sad November Event Nov.5-Nov.26.2016)

◼︎Mesh Body : Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.4

◼︎Shape : My Own

◼︎Mesh Eyes : CURELESS – Cutie Coven Eyes – PINK – DARK
(From : Kawaii Project Oct.20-Nov.15.2016)

◼︎Mesh Ears : Erosin(Mainstore coming soon) – Serrated Ears – Torn


◼︎Tatoo : White Widow – Allied – Black


[ Worn for Head and Body ]

◼︎Hair : NANI –  Malvolia.Hair – Pastel

◼︎Hair Band: Violent Seduction – Lilith Headband – Black (Gacha)

◼︎Shoulder Harness : RealEvil Industries – Era Shoulder Harness COMMON – Black
(Gacha from : The Epiphany Oct.15-Nov.15.2016)

◼︎Shoes :Violent Seduction – Lilith Boots – Black (Gacha)

◼︎Wings : Caboodle – Demon Wings – Black
(Gacha from : The Epiphany Oct.15-Nov.15.2016)

◼︎Tail : Caboodle – Demon Tail – Black
(Gacha from : The Epiphany Oct.15-Nov.15.2016)


[Poses ]

◼︎Top Photo : Del May – Sidesaddle #1

◼︎Bottom Photo : Serendipity  – cute doll pose 3

※All Landmark&URL are subject to change without notice.

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