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– Credits –

[ Mesh Avatar ]

Mesh Head : CATWA HEAD Catya Static v2.08

Mesh Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


Mesh Mole : DeeTaleZ Mesh beauty mole

Mesh Nail : CerberusXing x Quirky // Phat Rings & Claws ( Painted )
(From : Rewind Event 10.Feb-28.Feb.2017)

Mesh Skin : KiiKO Applier for CATWA head Catya -snow

[ Outfits ]

Hair : barberyumyum  41_12 color&41parts

Hair Ribbon : SOUEN Suzu Ribbon

*Kimono : le fil casse Kimono, Mait, Prints RARE

*Bra&Panty :le fil casse BRA, Black, Mait&Panties, Black, Mait

*Neck Ribbon :le fil casse Neck Ribbon, Pink, Mait

*Thigh Belt :le fil casse Akira Ninja Star, Black / Silver

*Katana : EZ Weapons Akira Katana, Plain Colours, RARE
(*All mark items From Gacha : Fantasy Gacha Cranival 7.Feb-7.Mar.2017)

Boots : Apple May Designs – Momento Boots – Black

[ Poses ]

Black Cats poses – Explosion! 1

※All Landmark (SLURL) are subject to change without notice.



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