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Hi all!!
Have you been to the “Re: Japonica” event currently in inworld?:)

I bought a HULU’s white kimono in “Re:Japonica”!
This is a beautiful kimono with delicate patterns like lace!
I wanted to express the contrast between white and red, and I tried taking this picture.

Actually, in Japan there is a scary urban legend called a mouth rip woman.
When I was watching this lipstick, I wanted to take pictures like Japanese-style Dracula.

It’s fun to take pictures considering various situations!

This time, we used CATWA’s Bento Avatar for both men and women!

A beautiful male avatar is cooperated with this photo!
He is a beautiful my older brother!! Thank you, xoxo


– Credits –

[ Mesh Avatar / Male ]

Mesh Head : CATWA – HEAD Daniel Static v1.08

Mesh Body : Slink Physique – MALE Mesh Body V2.04

Mesh Skin : Clef de Peau – Teddy Face T1 [CATWA] Applier

Eyebrows : *ScS* – Natural Eyebrows Brown

Eyes : -SU!-  Nova Eyes SWEET(Group Gift)

Ears : ^^Swallow^^ Ears Goth BLACK(GACHA)

[ Outfits ]

Pierce : **RE** – Savage Ears Piercings 1.1

Chest pierce : – .HoD. – End Of The Night

Kimono : +HILU+ – IZANAI(white)

Hair : :CHEVEUX: – M101Hair Partymix


[ Mesh Avatar / Female ]

Mesh Head : CATWA – HEAD Catya Static v2.08

Mesh Body : Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


Mesh Skin : KiiKO – Applier for CATWA head Catya -snow

Eyebrows : CerberusXing – Noh + Oiran Eyebrow (Catwa)

Eyelash : CerberusXing – Basic Eyelash (Catwa)

Lipcolor : ISR – Sticking out Lip (OMEGA)

Eyes : IKON – Odyssey Eyes – Crimson

[ Outfits ]

Kimono : HILU – SENAKA BIJIN (4)/fitted mesh/Maitreya
( Fron : Re:Japonica 17.Mar-9.Apr.2017 )

Hair : red mint – Hair No.39’16

Comb : ERSCH – Nihon Gacha Comb 03

Kanzashi Stick : Astralia – Garden Geisha set (kanzashi sticks silver)

[ Poses ]

H<>W Couples Pose – Vampire Bites – Succulent Pose (Boxed)

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